University Museum System

The University of Parma Museums System, considered as a harmonious whole, consists of those structures  which are responsible for the acquisition policy, preservation, management, enhancement and enjoyment of the artistic, naturalistic, scientific collections.

The Museums system is aimed at supporting and promoting the museums during the carrying out of their institutional tasks: learning, research and diffusion of culture.

As a coordination unit, the Museums system has been recently set up; whereas single old museums (called gabinetti) have existed since the 1750s, as witnessed by many historical sources.

The Museums Coordination Office

The principal duty of the M.C.O. is to provide the University of Parma museums system with a harmoniously organized development and to achieve the goals identified by the central governing bodies of the University through the Board of museums.


Museums coordination office P.le San Francesco, 3 – 43121 Parma

Head of the Museums coordination office
Marina Gorreri Tel. + 39 0521 902951 e-mail:


Maria Amarante     Tel. + 39 0521 903901 e-mail:
Marina Bianchi          Tel. +39 0521 +39 0521 032960 e-mail:
Antonella Cavazzini  Tel. + 39 0521 902959 e-mail:
Maria Cristina Genesi Tel. +39 0521 032921 e-mail:
Caterina Moisè          Tel. + 39 0521 904094 e-mail:

The Board of museums

The Board of museums is the policy-making body of the University of Parma Museums System and defines the University of Parma museums goals and priorities.

The Board consists of the chairman or the chairwoman, the directors of the museums, the head of the museums coordination office, the catalogue resources manager and the administrative manager. Moreover, the chair promotes the realization of the political goals defined by the Board.

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