The Museum and Historical Museum Library of Biomedicine is engaged in virtual reality projects for the networking of its collections and in the development of innovative approaches for biomedical robotics and biomaterials for the restoration of the artefacts and preparations preserved in it.

Research activities:

– MIUR national project, Law 113/91 D.D. 1524/08-07-2015, PANN15T3_00816 entitled: ‘The Masks of Lorenzo Tenchini: 3D immersive virtual reality reconstruction, first complete exhibition after 130 years and permanent multimedia access for a unique anatomical and criminological collection of international significance’, Operating Unit Museum and Historical Library of Biomedicine, activation October 2016.

– Two-year national project MIUR, Programme Agreement and Agreements (L.6/2000) D.D. 369/Ric. of 26/06/2012 – ACPR12_00312 entitled: ‘Information technologies and new realities for the knowledge, networking and valorisation of scientific cultural heritage: the role of the network of University Museums’, S.Bi.Bi.T. Departmental Museum Operational Unit, activation October 2013

– International photographic iconography project on masks from the Tenchini Collection, for the Danish history of criminology text ‘Forbrydelsens ansigt’ by Duedahl P, Christensen P.W., Hostbo G.B., Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark, March 2013

– A national inter-university project for the development of a formal language in human and clinical anatomy starting from the museum preparations of the Tenchini collection and applicable to biomedical robotics, in collaboration with the Chair of Philosophy of Science at the University of Padua (Prof. Pierdaniele Giaretta) and the Institute of Cognitive Science and Technology, Laboratory of Applied Ontology, National Research Council, Trento, January-December 2013

– Anatomical descriptive cataloguing of dry preparations from the Tenchini Collection integrated in the Optional Course in ‘Theory of Anatomical and Clinical Reasoning’ for students of the Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery, University of Parma, University semesters 2012-2013

– National restoration project with the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence (Ceroplastic Restoration Sector, Director Dr. Laura Speranza) and implementation of the conservative restoration at the Opificio of one of the two 18th century wax statues attributed to the Florentine School of Clemente Susini, Florence, April 2012 – June 2013


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