PNRR: over 870,000 euro for the Natural History Museum and CSAC

From the Ministero della Cultura, thanks to the PNRR, over 870,000 euros arrive at the University of Parma for the Natural History Museum and the Communication Studies and Archive Centre - CSAC. In fact, the University has participated with two projects in the ministerial call for proposals for the removal of physical, cognitive and sensory […]

Lenz for the University Museums: new performance on Tuesday 14 March

The events in the University Museums continue with Morfologie del Paesaggio – Reidratazioni performative del presente urbano, a collaborative project between Lenz Fondazione and the University of Parma to enhance the University's museum spaces and collections with the creation of contemporary performance, visual and sound environments, curated and realised by Maria Federica Maestri and Francesco […]

CSAC: open until 16 April the exhibition “Goliardo Padova. La forma del tormento”.

CSAC Strada Viazza di Paradigna, 1, PARMA

It will be open until 16 April for the exhibition 'Goliardo Padova. La forma del tormento", curated by Giulia Castagnetti and Giulia Ferrari, with which the CSAC once again reflects on the figure of an artist whose collection, preserved in the archive itself, counts almost four hundred works including canvases and drawings, posters and engravings […]